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Why you need to play The Asafo Journey

Updated: Jan 25

The Asafo Journey is a new 2D platformer game available on Steam!

Do you sometimes wish that there was a game that you could play sitting anywhere? A game that could run on any low-end device without needing any fancy hardware, all while being highly interesting and challenging? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you don’t want to miss out on this recently published game on Apple and Steam.

The game is called The Asafo Journey, and some of you may already have heard of it. The Asafo Journey is a 2D platformer similar to Super Mario that takes place in a historical kingdom called Ta-Seti, which ruled over the Nile Valley in East Africa about 6000 years ago.

The protagonist of this game is Asafo, who is the chosen warrior appointed to maintain order in a kingdom that seems to be falling apart due to both human and non-human characters. We play as Asafo in this game to conquer the different levels in this game and solve the mystery of who is Visuals and Soundtrack.

The game’s approach to visuals is different than most others nowadays, as instead of making the game look fancy and high-end, the developers focused on making it using pixel graphics. This means the graphics don’t require any high-end peripherals, and you can run it on any device you want.

This unique approach to in-game graphics also gives this game a vintage vibe, like the games we used to play back in the day when graphics weren’t as advanced as they are today!

When you load up the game, it greets you with the game’s logo in the center and Asafo himself standing on the left side. We see Asafo facing the world that he is about to conquer in this game.

The world is mostly a desert, with elements of greenery, trees, and small bodies of water that you will encounter as you play the game. The loading screen itself tells you how much effort the developers have put into making this game, with the Main Menu screen itself comprehensively showing you what you can expect when you play The Asafo Journey! The desert, the trees, and the water are all the things that you will encounter in-game once you get started on a journey that will take up hours of your time.

The Soundtrack of this game is like the cherry on top. This is because the perfectly crafted soundtrack really helps you get into the ancient Egypt vibe and let you feel what the developers are trying to convey.

How To Play The Asafo Journey?

If you want to experience the full entertaining experience of The Asafo Journey, then you must first learn how to play it. These are the controls for playing the game:

Right Arrow - Move right

Left Arrow - Move left

Down Arrow - Crouch

Up Arrow - Interact with the surrounding

Z - Sprint

X - Jump (press again for double jump)

C - Attack

A - Dash backward

R - Return to the main menu

P - Pause Menu

The movement in this game is pretty basic, but unlike most games, you need to jump using ‘X’ instead of ‘Spacebar’. The surroundings in the Asafo Journey are also very dynamic, allowing you to interact with many different objects and people to keep you entertained as you play the main story of this game.

The Story Of The Asafo Journey

Speaking of the story, you will also be surprised to know that this feature-packed game has a nice story you need to follow as Asafo. As you start the game and you approach your king, you ask him why he has summoned you. He then tells you that weird things have been happening around the city.

Animals have become more wild than usual, and things don’t make sense.

He tells Asafo that his people have also located the source of these mishaps, but the location is too dangerous for them to continue. So now Asafo must take on this wild journey on his own. And through his skills, he must figure out what is causing all the mayhem and put an end to it.

Asafo being the loyal servant of his king, tells him not to worry and that this job will be easy for Asafo. The king sees that Asafo is passionate about helping him and his empire. Still, he also knows that the task is dangerous, which is why he warns Asafo not to underestimate the challenges that lie ahead and to be careful.

Now knowing that the fate of the entire empire depends upon his shoulders, Asafo embarks upon this journey to seek out what is causing all the problems.

Is The Asafo Journey Difficult?

This game may look simple and easy to play, but the fact is that it’s not. The Asafo Journey is a game that manages to balance difficulty and fun. This means that you will have a lot of fun playing this game, but at the same time will have to put all your attention and focus into defeating some of the levels. Otherwise, you may run out of lives and will have to start all over again.

Difficulty-wise, this game is somewhat like the popular game Cuphead. Because both games have simple graphics that make the player underestimate how difficult they are. And it’s not till the player starts the game for himself that they realize that the game developers have tricked them.

A lot of players who aren’t up to the challenge may even quit the game, but if you aren’t someone who gives up easily, then prepare to be hooked on this game for a while!


As you progress further in this game, you will meet new enemies and foes that are trying to kill you. From swarms of flies that attack you all the way to large scorpions and snakes that roam the ground, this game has a wide range of enemies that will try to stop Asafo from accomplishing his goal!

Enemies like large scorpions or snakes can be a bit intimidating because of their huge size. But if you plan your attacks and strategies wisely, you will be able to take them down easily.

About The Developers - Black Bricks Studio

Black Bricks Studio LLC is one of the world's fastest up-and-coming game development studios, working dedicatedly to developing games that meet people's expectations. The company has now launched a game called “The Asafo Journey” to celebrate the United Kingdom’s honoring of Black History Month.

The African-centered video game is a true definition of adventures, history, and fun. The company makes sure the game is available for people on the world-famous gaming website “Steam”. One of the spokespersons, Mr. Chambers from the company, says, “A young mother at the launch of The Asafo Journey in Atlanta said, “we were waiting for this all year, love the scenery, and it's very family-friendly, which is very important to me.” The Asafo Journey is an African-centred video game.

Game lovers can easily download it from the popular gaming website Steam, Black Bricks Studio’s commitment to delivering quality family-

friendly gaming and entertainment choices to its customers.”

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